Faced with the challenge of moving towards a smart city, each metropolis must bear in mind its needs and opportunities in order to find the technological solutions that adapt to it, which is why Xactus collects data, analyzes, detects the problem and makes recommendations to solve it. Furthermore, it helps these changes to be implemented effectively, making the investment profitable and meeting the needs of the citizens who live in the cities in the modernization process.

The consulting service includes the development of a methodology to determine citizen perception, evaluation of the degree of real progress of the Smart City and a self-diagnosis of public entities regarding their capacities such as: Institutionality and innovation, technology, digital infrastructure and interoperability, analytics and data management and leadership and human capital.

The measurement of Perception, Results and Capabilities is presented in levels, to finally obtain the smart cities index.

From this index, initiatives for the transformation of a traditional city to a Smart City are prioritized and formulated, where sensorization, data science and modeling play a decisive role in a model that places people who interact as agents representing civil society, business, government and academia.

Xactus develops solutions aimed at controlling and reducing environmental and social problems that affect cities.

In conclusion, Xactus conducts studies on the transformation of the Smart City that include: