To cover aspects related to environmental management in cities, with a focus on protecting and conserving the environment, Xactus provides automatic monitoring solutions that allows to determine the conditions of different parameters of noise, meteorology, air and water quality in real time through a sensorization system, to manage climate change and pollutants generated by industrial activities, preventing health problems in communities.

Air quality pollution

To measure air quality, monitoring networks are installed with state-of-the-art technologies defined for each city. These sensors send the data through telecommunications systems such as satellite, GPRS, radio or a combination thereof, to then be captured and viewed in real time through the AmbiensQ Smart City platform just by accessing the internet.

Among the solutions for air quality measurement, Xactus also has the low-cost Stairmik stations, developed for the indicative measurement of particulate matter and gases, obtaining Big Data to specify the environmental problems in the city and optimize decision-making by the local government.

Noise Pollution

In cities, the measurement of environmental noise is of great relevance for the identification of sound sources in residential, commercial and expansion areas within the Territorial Organization Plans (POTs), Xactus implements noise measurement in the city through the sensorization of the Polget smart poles with sound level meters to measure noise levels that strengthen the city’s decontamination plans.