We provide comprehensive solutions for the city to make smart decisions and achieve continuous improvement.


Is the smart system with 4.0 technologies essential for the transformation into Smart Cities that includes: sensorization for environmental and urban variables measuring through Polget smart poles; an intelligent park as an open scenario for entertainment that allows to connect the population with technology and innovation, and a Datacenter to capture, visualize, process, predict and data and sensorial analyze to help with decision making to improve the quality of life of the people.

Intelligent Parks

The intelligent park is the fusion of technology, data, science, culture, entertainment and outdoor citizen encounter. It integrates in the most innovative way the hiperconnectivity that technology offers us to revitalize the park experience.

In the Intelligent Park, the citizens have an open and free space for recreation and education.

Smart Poles “Polget”

Intelligent, modern and multifunctional urban element capable of integrating different types of sensors, storage, process and transmit data in a continuous way to AmbiensQ Smart City in order to provide real time information of the monitored variables for the industry, community and municipalities facilitating timely analysis and decision making. The platform’s data analytics uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that allows to predict insecure situations.

Polgets perform measuring of (PM10, PM2.5, PM1), CO, SO2, NO2, O3 particulate materials, odor measuring, weather, environmental noise, vehicle counting, public surveillance and natural phenomena early warnings.


Electrochemical microstations used for indicative measuring of air quality, noise and weather variables. With Stairmik you can have a low cost system in the city for environmental quality monitoring. With it you can have Big Data of the main variables that can indicate environmental problems afflicting the city to strengthen or develop public policies to benefit both citizens and the environment.