Prevention of
natural hazards

Given the latent threat of natural phenomena generated by climate change and other factors, early warnings are essential to reduce the risk of mass removal, floods, forest fires and torrential floods to the communities. Xactus implements Early Warning Systems (SAT) with different technologies in Polget smart poles, with data transmission in real time through satellite signal, GPRS and radio for the subsequent processing and analysis of the data for decision-making in a manner timely by local governments and monitoring and control entities.

Thanks to the intelligent system for obtaining, transmitting and processing data from the sensors and the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, prediction models are generated to anticipate the occurrence of the phenomenon with longer time, such as variations in rivers’ flow and water levels.

In mass removal, Siap-Micros sensors are implemented to measure, transmit, visualize, process and anticipate events and generate early warnings for landslides.