In order to strengthen governance, the connection and interaction between governors and all interested parties such as citizens, companies, among others, is promoted, achieving an intelligent, efficient and transparent management of the government, having a positive impact on the quality of life of the citizens.

Through the developments of Xactus, citizen participation is promoted with the launch of AmbiensQ Smart City APP, a mobile application that facilitates citizen access to public information and ALEXA – Sentiment Analysis, a voice-controlled virtual assistant that  allows to know and analyze the feelings of the inhabitants from computational techniques of data extraction and analysis, making the opinion of the community participate together with the mayor’s office and the government, in the making and design of public policies.

Xactus, through the SIER strategic information system, a web platform for interoperability of the Smart City, integrates the information generated by the different dependencies of the municipal administration, generating greater efficiency and better service to the community.

System that facilitates the administration of modern cities, a system based on data, capable of analyzing and interpreting reality, facilitating decision-making and guaranteeing interoperability and comprehensive management of the city; This is achieved by: i) observing, measuring and listening, ii) processing, analyzing and interpreting, iii) deciding, and iv) acting, actions that should be developed taking into account each of the city’s development and service areas, and understanding the interconnection between them, increasing effectiveness and producing results for the benefit of citizens.